• About the venture

    This is our simple initiative for longterm monitoring of hornbills and the precious rainforest habitat with your participation. This is an augumentation of our a decade long Kadar ethnic community based hornbill and hornbill nest tree monitoring programme in the Anamalai (vazhachal) part of southern western ghats kerala. You can be a part of this through adding your observations and can contribute to longterm monitoring of dynamics of our precious rainforest habitat, hornbills and their nesting trees. What you need is a photograph, may be a vague date stamped photo taken with your mobile or your precious SLR, of a Hornbill, a Hornbill nesting tree, any important tree and your observation on any threat to the forest, biodiversity and ethnic community.

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    Conservation is a longterm and inclusive process. We want you to be a part and we have kept a space for you to involve and see your contribution in future. This may also help us to keep our integrity. It is a very simple Process. You can login with your facebook, gmail, twitter accounts or using our registration format.

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